dreams and desires.

Decommissioned Steamer

Stories from a Decommissioned Steamer:
Not a safe place, down by the Unterzee shore. Nor warm. But it’s quiet, and offers good opportunities for beachcombing.

Delivered by Carrier Bat
I’m writing this letter to divulge to you a concern of mine. While traveling the streets of Wolfstack one night, I stumbled upon a home with front doors wide open. The state of ease to which I could enter was alarming, and so having a curious spirit, I had to peer in…

Canes of Peach Brandy
Av watched Shar wither before him as the weight of his situation crashed downward. The lanky man slipped back into his chair, unopened brandy bottle clinked on the floor amongst the debris, and his face pooled in agonized hands. “She knows where I live.”…

A Note
Dear individ’l o considrable note:
Smy misforchun to inform yo that yo accomplis was found kilt by poison…