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Special Constables for a Special Man

I’ve never had any difficulties with the gentlemen in blue. They’re about as corrupt as they come, and uncovering modern gossip has been my forte since I was a babe. A red stocking here, a little blackmail there, “Oh dear, Mr. Constable, what have we here?” They’re never too difficult to dissuade from investigating my daily activities.

The Special Constables, however…

There was a time when I didn’t care for politics. If Mr. Pages and the Ministry of Public Decency claimed a topic was too vile for the public to muse over, I could only benefit. With so much restriction, social climbing becomes natural, like breathing air, so long as the words you’re exhaling are teetering on the edge of scandalous. I don’t miss those simplistic days. Perhaps if I were still as naive as I was then, I may long to return to the safety of Society’s posh social rings, but I have come to realize there is heresy afoot, and it’s not among the ranks of the Flit. (more…)